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Human Dignity as the Foundation of Human Rights?

Final Conference

The Future of Human Dignity

Human dignity has a future. It is clear that – despite accusations about its emptiness or redundancy – human dignity is a central part of our moral and legal vocabulary and it will continue to shape our understanding of human rights, global justice, and normative theory. However, if it is to retain its critical power, and if it is to continue to guide the development of human rights law, its application to new social, technological, and political challenges must be justified and explored. This conference seeks to open new pathways in understanding human dignity and seeks to explore the expansion of human dignity to new and emerging social problems.

Start date: October 11, 2016
End date: October 13, 2016
Location: Hotel Mitland, Utrecht, The Netherlands
E-mail: vici.futureofhumandignity@gmail.com

Keynote Speakers

Deryck Beyleveld, Durham
Roger Brownsword, London
Antoine Buyse, Utrecht
Rutger Claassen, Utrecht
Marcus Düwell, Utrecht
Katrin Flikschuh, London
Stefan Gosepath, Berlin
Alon Harel, Jerusalem
Christopher McCrudden, Belfast
Julia Tao, Hong Kong
Kenneth Westphal, Istanbul


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Paper by A. Cera


There are 5 conference fee options (see below). The deadline for registration is September 24. No reimbursements will be made for cancellations received after October 1.

Fee option Price in Euros Link
I 500,00 http://onlinesales.uu.nl/human_dignity_4_overnight_stays
II 400,00 http://onlinesales.uu.nl/human_dignity_3_overnight_stays
III 325,00 http://onlinesales.uu.nl/human_dignity_2_overnight_stays
IV 150,00 http://onlinesales.uu.nl/human_dignity_no_overnight_stays
V 200,00 http://onlinesales.uu.nl/human_dignity_2_overnight_stays_reduced

I: 4 nights (10-14 Oct) + 3 days full catering
II: 3 nights (10-13 Oct) + 2 days full catering + 1 day catering minus diner
III: 2 nights (11-13 Oct) + 2 days full catering + 1 day catering minus diner
IV: No overnight stays + 2 days full catering + 1 day catering minus diner
V (reduced fee): 2 nights (11-13 Oct) + 2 days full catering + 1 day catering minus diner

All overnight stays are in the conference hotel.